PH Apparel is an Italian brand of technical cycling apparel and sports and lifestyle clothing. It is based in one of Italy's most productive districts, in Galliera Veneta, near the city of Padua in Veneto. The entire production of PH Apparel garments is entrusted to local, short supply chain partners, distributed between the Veneto region and the Lombardy region. Sustainability is not an empty word for PH Apparel, but a real company culture. Environmental awareness and sustainable thinking have always been cultivated in the company and pursued in all relationships. Innovative materials, production facilities, transportation routes, customer relations and much more. In fact, the different stages of production are carried out within a very small geographic area, which makes it possible to reduce transportation and maintain long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. Production quality and sustainability are combined with a refined and innovative clothing proposal. First and foremost, it is style that unmistakably permeates each collection. PH Apparel often goes beyond the classic pattern of technical cycling apparel and proposes garments studied down to the smallest detail both in terms of design, 100% "made in Italy," and in terms of color research, to propose new and original palettes.

PH Apparel's cycling jerseys are distinguished by design, materials, packaging and colors. Bib shorts and bib longs offer refined aerodynamic and ergonomic solutions to ensure maximum comfort on even the longest rides. The jackets and capes proposed for the colder seasons are water-repellent, windproof and they guarantee high performance thanks to heat-sealed seams and the use of triple-layer technical fabrics. In addition to offering extensive collections for spring summer and fall winter, consisting of short- and long-sleeved jerseys, jackets, capes, bib shorts and bib longs, there are matching accessories: underwear to be worn under the jersey for cycling, socks for cyclists with graduated compression, caps, winter caps and neck warmers. PH Apparel is also a world of friendship and relationships with final customers. In fact, the brand periodically brings together passionate cyclists on sports excursions called "Coffee to Ride." A formula for meeting new enthusiasts and going out together, as a group, to discover new cycling routes immersed in the beauty of the Italian landscape.