Text: Kasper Birkeholm Munk

CHAPTER 01of02 2020

The island of Rhodes is shaped like a spearhead, 79.7 km long and 38 km wide, with a total area of approximately 1.400 square kilometres and a coastline of approximately 220 km.

The interior of the island is sparsely inhabited and covered with forests of pine and cypress. While the shores are rocky, the island has arable strips of land where citrus fruit, wine grapes, vegetables, olives and other crops are grown. And from a cycling perspective the island has four other fantastic features:

The bedrock is limestone.  

Farewell to the  flint stone puncture frenzy of our Scandinavian training grounds


The climate is warm and dry

Rhodes has never heard about flemish showers and cold, wet feet.


Amazing road quality and easy traffic

No potholes sucking in complete pelotons . Just smooth sailing and the friendliest traffic imaginable.


The island is mountainous,

Up and down. Constantly. Few straight roads and loads of climbing.

Copenhagen Old Boys Cycling Club – or COBCC as we call it, has a strong Greek affinity. Club initiator Thomas, his father-in-law is born and raised in the little village of Salakos on the island. In the last four years Rhodes has been the go-to spot for our yearly training camp.

10 team members.  7 days. 800 kilometers. 13000 vertical meters. Sunny, dry and warm weather. These are the primary ingredients. Add to this companionship, camaraderie, carbohydrates and tons of cold beers. An absolutely unbeatable cocktail!

If you’re not a cyclist the daily program of this type of ‘vacation’ will leave you puzzled. Breakfast at 7.30 – loads of egg, toast and coffee. From 8-9am: pre-ride preparation, bike check and all the usual rouleur rituals. Departure at 9am from the hotel. All suited up in our finest PH Apparel from top to bottom – from inside to the outside. Ready for the days adventure.

Sometimes we roll south out of town enjoying a sweet 2 kilometer descent – a lovely way to spin the legs in the morning. Other times we start right of, with an ascent heading north out of town – a little less pleasant way to start the morning.



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