Winter gravel in Denmark

Text: Kasper Birkeholm Munk

Pancakes with ice - apart from a being a much treasured dessert in Denmark it’s also a spot on description of Denmark during winter.

First ingredient is the pancake.

Often used to describe the danish terrain to foreigners: “Denmark is flat as a pancake”
Second ingredient is the ice. Another feature of Denmark are our winters. Windy, sub-zero temperatures, wet and snowy.

the conditions can be rather harsh from time to time. So layering up becomes essential to keep warm under prolonged 2-3 hour rides.

So when winter kicks in around October-November most road cyclist in Denmark are looking for alternative training opportunities and gravel/cyclocross has really risen in popularity during the last 3-5 years and has also become a really treasured community activity in COBCC.

Being based around Copenhagen we are gifted with so many sweet spots for gravel cycling - and all can be reached within 20 minutes from the city centre.

South of Copenhagen you’ll find Amager Fælled with vast opportunities for some fast gravel riding.


  •  West of Copenhagen you an hit Vestskoven - a huge area offering countless kilometers of gravel riding and the possibility for a few occasional attacks on the ascend of 'Hersted Høje’ - a 61 meter high hill.
  • And if you go north - the fantastic Hareskoven forest opens up towards loads of possibilities for both gravel and more technical cyclocross riding. In Hareskoven you can also find the best mountain bike trails close to Copenhagen and they’re also fun to rip on a gravel bike.
Luckily we're in good hands with our collaboration with PH. Over the years the brand has introduced quite a few items with a scandinavian touch to them, that we really treasure during the winter.
Give us a shout-out if you’ve got plans to go to Copenhagen. And remember to bring your warmest gear during winter.

Obviously the merino base layer and merino socks are must wear items.  For most days the bibtights do a pretty perfect job - yet when really cold we often wear a pair of legs underneath the bibtights to get a thicker layer of protection.

Breaking the often strong winds is equally important on the upper body. Wearing the merino jersey with it’s slim fit and wind breaking feature is a perfect mid layer to add to the mix. Sometimes I wear even another mid layer. I love using the SQUARE jersey all year around. The slim fit but super flexible garment of this long sleeve jersey makes it a perfect companion - and the large rear pockets can store all your essentials.  As an outside layer there are two possibilities.

the POWER jacket has become a super star and that jacket is always part of the line up. But when it’s wet and windy the  SCUDO is the go to weapon as an outer shield.


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