A little gem in Sommacampagna immersed in the beauty of Villa Venier

22 june 2020

The first PH Coffee to Ride took place in the province of Verona on Saturday 22 June 2019, precisely in Sommacampagna starting from Villa Venier

It stands at the foot of the Sommacampagna hill and has an eighteenth-century layout. It has the traditional Venetian floor plan with a neoclassical facade, inside various ceilings are decorated in Empire style. After the sacking of 1848 in retaliation for the liberal sentiments of the Venier family, the owners remained in the villa until around 1860.

Today it belongs to the Municipality which has overseen the restoration and transformed the beautiful garden into a park open to the public. Its garden is included in the List of Historic Gardens of the Area Plan of the Quadrant Europe.

Perfectly spaced and ready to go

Spaced, loaded and smiling, our PUSH HARDERS jumped into the saddle towards:

Custoza ring

The Terre del Custoza cycle tour is about 65 km long, develops on mixed low-traffic roads, 70% of which is paved and is entirely signposted with cycle-tourism signs. It can be traveled in both directions and allows you to explore the whole territory by passing through the 5 municipal capitals of Bussolengo, Sommacampagna, Sona, Valeggio sul Mincio and Villafranca di Verona which have come together in partnership to promote the Terre del Custoza with a view to Rural Tourism.

The scenery of the morainic hills of Garda, the undulating landscape with vineyards, the ancient rural courts and the places that recall the battles of the Risorgimento are the background to this beautiful route. In the territory of the aforementioned 5 Municipalities, a network has been created with a dozen cycling itineraries for a total of 145 km and also a MTB route in the splendid and uncontaminated Valle dei Mulini crossed by the River Tione. Among the routes, all marked in both directions, the Custoza Ring is recognized for having a red frame in the signs that surrounds the route number when it coincides with the Custoza ring.

For further information, see the website where all the cycle paths of the territory of the 5 municipalities are described and a nice video guide of the route is visible; for the GPS track of the Custoza ring, click here (activate the link). The route is represented in a cartography installed on numerous notice boards distributed along the route.


Along the roads bordered by the rows of Custoza
Type of route

cycle path in a protected area with some stretches of mixed traffic

Length 65 km

Difficulty level


Main road surface

asphalt, dirt road

Bicycle Trekking, MTB
Interesting sites Borghetto sul Mincio, Bussolengo, Custoza, Sommacampagna, Sona, Valeggio sul Mincio, Villafranca di VR

The slightly undulating route can be shortened as desired by using the network of paved roads and the signposted connecting routes.

We describe "the ring of the lands of Custoza" starting from Sommacampagna, as an equipped center not far from the homonymous motorway exit; the route is proposed in an anti-clockwise direction. Using route no. 35 heads towards Sona and Palazzolo, where It is possible, with itinerary 30, to reach Bussolengo and the balcony over the Adige towards the Veronese Prealps; in Bussolengo passes the Adige Biffis cycle path that connects Garda and the Adige Valley with Verona and Venice through the Regional Route I1.

From Palazzolo, route 30 leads to San Giorgio in Salici and in the San Rocco area, where with route 9 coinciding with the national route Bicitalia 12 Pedemontana Alpina you can reach the Mincio River at Salionze. The Mincio is crossed by the Ciclopista del sole Bicitalia 1 and Eurovelo 7, locally also called E6 in the Regional cycle system. The Mincio is traveled along the left bank up to Borghetto di Valeggio sul Mincio where you can go back to Valeggio and crossing the plain with route 8A, reach Villafranca di Verona. From Villafranca di Verona with route 16 you go up the hill of Custoza.

GARDA DOC bubbles upon our arrival


From a geographical point of view, the territory in question can be inscribed in a triangle delimited by the Lake Garda - Mincio axis to the west, by the Adige river to the north-east and via Postumia to the south-east. At the center of the territory flows the Tione river which crosses the morainic hills with characteristic meanders in a rural / wooded environment with very low urbanization. The hilly area mainly cultivated with vineyards was generated by the morainic deposits of the ancient Benaco Glacier which built the great morainic arch that surrounds Lake Garda. In this area there are many minor roads: only the main roads are crossed by important traffic while many others are very quiet and very pleasant for cycling.

The splendid views of Lake Garda and the mountains are frequent: the pleasant climate for at least 9 months a year and the developed accommodation capacity of the tourist infrastructure make it a highly suitable place to spend pleasant days on a bicycle. The salient facts of the area are illustrated by 15 notice boards distributed along the cycling routes that contain historical and artistic information on the surroundings and are reproduced on the cards on the side organized by Municipality.

In recent years, the area of ​​the Garda moraine hills has been the subject of numerous initiatives to promote the use of bicycles, in particular

- The EuroVelo / Bicitalia system with the Ciclopista del Sole (itineraries with cycling tourism signs only in the territory of the Partnership);

- The Bicitalia system with the Alpine foothills and the sweet TiBre (itineraries with cycle tourism signs only in the territory of the Partnership);

- The Regional system with the Mincio E6 cycle path and the Lago di Garda Venice I1 cycle path equipped with cycle-tourism signs;

Here we are tired and ready for an aperitif with GARDA DOC bubbles



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