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A few important words with Roberto, Captain of the Folletti Verdi

26 Giugno 2021

The collaboration between PH Apparel and FOLLETTI VERDI has lasted for years, there are few things to say about it,
many values ​​in common, true and friendly people, tireless fans of 2 wheels, beyond the daily effort, because like us,
they are not professionals, they are PUSHARDERS.

Roberto de Osti, as always, is kind and helpful, handsome burned by the Sun and exhausted satisfied by his latest venture, a few days have passed but his eyes still shine as if he were in the saddle while talking about it, the story of his adventure
you can find it in full on their social channels

We had fun asking some questions outside the lines, identifying with him.

PH - "After giving up one of the races you have been preparing for the longest time, how and where do you find the mental and physical stimuli to relaunch yourself in another adventure?"

Roberto - "I have been preparing my dream from winter 2019, the race is NorthCape-Tarifa non-stop event of over 7000km without support, the longest event to date. Unfortunately the COVID situation had already forced me to postpone it for a year and even in this 2021 with the borders of Norway closed I reluctantly had to postpone it for another year, hoping that the partners who support me can and still want to help me for my great adventure. After the hard decision I immediately tried to find an event over 1500km to test myself in anticipation of 2022. My dream is so great that my stimuli are its fruit, and for me this postponement is only reason to prepare myself even better and get to that departure more and more prepared. One week after the end of the Panache Rally, demonstration from Brussels to La Turbie (Montecarlo) closed in 5th absolute position covering 1800km in 5 days and 3h with 19h of compulsory stop due to curfew in France, I have already resumed the preparation program for my queen race. "

PH - "How do you prepare the bags for the race and for the after arrival?"

Roberto - "It all depends on what kind of race it is, the mileage, the weather forecast and the period.

I'll tell you about my bags from my last race:

I wear my #follettiverdi by PH bike outfit in the bags divided between rain and cold material.

For rain: SCUDO PH
Neoprene gloves
Neoprene shoe covers
Goretex trouser cover

For the cold: Leggings and sleeves in merino
Merino short-sleeved base layer
Merino hat
Merino sock
Long merino gloves

I always add an intimate exchange network to my bag, summer socks rainbow ph, buff  ph

Beauty soap + toothbrush + toothpaste + mini towel

Then tool kit for any type of repair, inner tube, patches, cable ties and American tape.

For energy and to recharge all my devices and make the lights work in the events where I ride for more than two days I use a wheel with a sondelux dynamo hub with sinewave light which in addition to illuminating my road has a 5v usb output to be able to recharge all my devices. "

Pre and post race if, as in this case, that you start from one place and arrive in another, I travel with the essentials because more often than not there is no transport of suitcases from start to finish so you need a good dose of adaptation .

PH - "How do you manage the stops in long and exhausting competitions, both mentally and tired?"

Roberto - "The longer the races, the more the race tactics of knowing when, how and if stopping is fundamental for the classification. Usually the first days I prefer to push and not stop for the first 44 hours of competition, the first days I have a large part of food with me, food that I try in training and my body knows. The first days are also used to "turn on the boiler" unscathed after this phase I start eating what the places and the road offer me trying to make 3 complete meals important trying to ingest as much kcal as possible In the last competition in 5 days I consumed more than 30000kcal

After the first few days I require myself 1 stop a day of 3 / 4h to sleep. I do not plan before the event when the stop will be because everything depends on the race tactics and on listening to your body to understand your state of form and above all to feel your needs moment by moment.

In this last race due to the obligation of the curfew in France I slept two whole nights in a hotel after leaving France, I took a little break in Milan and then I went straight to the finish. "

PH - "How is the resumption of the season for the Elves, the involvement of people, the meeting, planning new adventures together? It has been tough in the last year, not only for the lack of events but also I think for the lack of human contact among enthusiasts? "

For us it was not so difficult, however we are lonely, we have always been far away but close, we do not live in the same region and it only happens a few times a year that we meet. Everyone has their own competitive goals and their own racing calendar.

In racing we are mostly alone, but from home through messages the team is always compact and united to help those who are racing at that moment.

The difficulty was always having to reschedule one's own personal racing calendar, with very expensive events that were skipped at the last moment due to Covid. But in any case we have covered both season 020 and this one with important events by participating in:
In 2020
Dolomitica Ultracycling
ITT Race Across Italy 2020
24h of Montello
Three Peaks Race
Bibione Bike Trophy

And this season already:

Race Across Italy
Romagna Ultra Race, with 1º place of Sarah Cinquini
6h of Morette
Panache Rally, 5º absolute mine
Race Across The Alps
Dolomitica ultracycling

We will be present
24h of Montello

The difficulty for us, the true and only Italian team that practices ultra-distance competitions, is to find economic partners who can make us grow in order to be increasingly present in international events


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