We are finally back: the first PH Coffee To Ride of 2021.

After so many months of limitations, we are thrilled and euphoric to resume with a calendar of Coffee To Ride events that will lead us to discover new territories.

26 June 2021

We decide to organize the first PH Coffee To Ride 2021 in Modena, thanks to Ludo by Closer, a splendid concept store in the historic center of Modena known for the careful selection of men's and women's clothing brands, but also for the extraordinary search for accessories, books and lifestyle items.

As usual, appointment at 9 am. We drink a good coffee at the Mon Cafè, next to Closer, who welcomes us in his fantastic outdoor area.

We are ready, 30 passionate cyclists and their road or gravel bikes, loaded more than ever to tackle the 45km route organized by Ludo that retraces the great classics of the Emilia tours.

We leave the city behind to reach two pearls of the Modena hills.

Passing through Castelnuovo Rangone, we reach Levizzano Rangone, a magnificent place in the first hills of Modena. Surely they will also have been the first climbs of our exit, but above all the view of the Levizzano castle almost leave everyone breathless!

We continue our journey and arrive in Castelvetro, after having faced some more challenging climbs, but always with a smile, we reach the main stage of the Modena exit.

Certainly among the most evocative places in the area, it is a beautiful ancient village nestled in the hills, known by cyclists and wine lovers, as the land of production of the renowned Lambrusco Grasparossa. As soon as you enter the historic main square, the party bells start ringing. No doubt about it, an unforgettable welcome and perfect timing !!

After taking the classic ritual photos we leave to return to Modena where fresh drinks and good food await us from the friends of Mon Cafè.

A special day to discover the hills of Modena in which we will certainly return.

We all return with great euphoria because we can say "we were there": Ladies and Gentlemen ... the first PH Coffee To Ride of 2021 was a bomb!


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