At last! After being bogged down by COVID for nearly 2 years it finally was time for the PH ‘Coffee To Ride’ caravan to to put tires to the grounds of Copenhagen again. 

24 Ottobre 2021

Unlike previous versions of the event held at summer time, the 2021-version was set to happen on a lovely sunday in October. With the steady advent of autumn we shifted out the roads with some proper gravel tracks and forest trails - bringing the participants in contact with the lovely colors of autumn in Denmark and getting them even more familiar with the beauty of the landscapes and forests north of Copenhagen.

Although it is not at all classic for Danes to brag about their successes and the fact that it might be a spoiler this early in the report to say it, we'll do it anyway: this was the Coffee To Ride that you shouldn’t have missed. And without paraphrasing another Danish brand: this was probably the best Coffee To Ride of the year. And without a doubt it was the Coffee To Ride with the most beautiful and tasty cake buffet:-)

And how did that come about you might ask yourself? Well, good things happen when you bring PH, Copenhagen Old Boys Cycling Club AND the fantastic team at Velo Pavé into the same boiling pot and start stirring. 
Packed with high spirits and loads of heart room 76 participants showed up in the morning - all ready to hit the gravel. With so many lovely cyclist from the Velo Pavé and COBCC cycling communities the event briefing had to take place outside the lovely Velo Pavé shop. Thomas from COBCC bid all the participants a warm welcome on behalf of PH, Velo Pavé and COBCC. In his classic and quick-witted fashion Thomas, with the help of Mette from Velo Pavé, quicly got everyone divided into four smaller groups: fast, faster, fastest and lightning fast. All groups with an appointed ‘capitain de route’ directing the groups through the route. 
All groups departed for the 52 km gravel route bringing the participants into the Hareskoven forest and onto the gravel trails of north of Copenhagen. Weather was friendly - and we started out with loveliest of the loveliest autumn sun creating a shimmering golden feel to the autumn colors. Some of the 'capitains' had stronger navigation skills than others - but all four groups made it happily and safely back to the shop for the earlier-mentioned cake buffet and coffee. 
And if you thought that spirits couldn't get higher, the Velo Pavé community again showed their true colors. So many smiles, laughs and stories from the day was exchanged while taking occasional pit stops to the cake buffet to taste the specialties. Mario from PH said it well: danish 'brunsviger' is the best cake I have tasted. He will forever have a special place in my heart:-)
A really, really HUGE thanks to everyone who participated. Special gratitude of course goes to Carsten, Mette and Danny from Velo Pavé for opening their doors and to Marco, Mario, Davide and Michela for making the trip to Copenhagen to take part.
You all rock!
Truly yours,
Kasper - COBCC

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