PHCC and B12 Bike Professional... the pusharder doesn't live only on bikes!


Bikes and fun for the inauguration of the new B12 Bike Professional!

11 Marzo 2023

We just had an incredibly busy weekend on the roads of Ferrara. During the past weekend, we visited our friends at B12 Bike Professional, who inaugurated their new store with a five-star event!
The festivities began on Friday evening with a very strong aperitif consisting of beer, gin and tonic, music, and typical Ferrara products. Already on Friday night, we had the opportunity to meet some Ferrara pusharders whom we hadn't seen in a while, providing a chance to chat about past achievements and the goals for the upcoming season.

All of this took place in the splendid setting of the new B12 Bike Professional store, showcasing our brand's apparel and under the watchful eye of the store's mascot, a certain Dante with short little paws, the best friend of anyone holding a slice of salami or a piece of cheese.

On Saturday morning, we gathered (quite groggily, to be honest) for a group ride on our gravel bikes, accompanied by the store staff. After one (or more than one) coffee each and a brioche, we set off on a ride of about 40 km.

We were thrilled to see a good turnout for the event, with friends of the store and pusharders from outside the region, all coming together to bring some color to the city and the Ferrara countryside.

The event was certainly a success, concluding with an aperitif at the store to say goodbye and take some final group photos.
So, all that's left to say is... thank you, Ferrara!
And a big good luck to the folks at B12 Bike Professional on this new adventure!


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