Welcome pusharders to the first Coffee to Ride of the year!

PHCC 2023

Get ready to pedal with new friends with PHCC 2023!

25 Febbraio 2023

Last Saturday, the first Coffee to Ride of the year took place, a highly anticipated event for our PHCC (you can find us on Instagram at, which aims to grow year after year, not only in terms of members but also in terms of group initiatives, kilometers ridden together, and elevation gained.
The meeting point was at the Show Room of Villa Venier, following the usual formula: have a coffee, check tire pressure, and get ready to ride! Despite the windy weather, we came close to reaching the planned 60 km, although we encountered some exhilarating moments such as draining the battery of the electronic gear system and experiencing the first fall of the season. Surprisingly, there were no punctures, which we hope is a good omen for 2023!
The Saturday gathering was particularly important for other reasons as well.

Open Day

On this occasion, we literally opened the doors of Villa Venier!

We organized a special sale of a selection of PH garments at an exclusive price, and we are delighted to see that many took advantage of the opportunity.

New Faces

We were also happy to see new faces and reunite with friends who chose to join our group this year. We are confident that new friendships will be formed, along with some exciting collaboration opportunities.


...let the trumpets sound...

We reached 50 PHCC members, which is an extraordinary achievement for us! But it doesn't end there, as we expect more memberships throughout the year. By the way, if you're interested... feel free to contact us 🙂

News and Events

Saturday's gathering was also an opportunity for discussion (with a glass of wine or kombucha in hand) about the events that will involve us this year.

We will officially participate as sponsors in the Rando Imperator (May) and Elbaman (September), and we will also be supporters of the Lessinia Legend Bike, which will have a gravel edition for the first time.

And there will be other important events as well.
This year, you will see our rainbow caps on the roads or trails of Fiandre Trevigiane, Veneto Gravel, Val D'Orcia Gravel, and many other events.
Not to mention our Coffee to Ride gatherings.

Just follow us on social media to stay updated on our upcoming events! Save the Date! The next appointment is Saturday, March 11th, for Coffee to Ride in Ferrara, at B12 Bike Professional!


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