A two-day event like never organized before!


Not just bikes for our last meeting

09 Luglio 2023

Our last meeting was something special, never organized before! For the first time, we arranged a two-day meetup for pusharders and PHCC enthusiasts. We love sharing our passion for sports, each of us nurturing it individually, but then coming together for long chats while riding our bikes to exchange our experiences.

Bikes and gravel, yes, but not just that. Many of us swim, some run, and others even do triathlons (and impressive ones!). The PH Days were our first multidisciplinary gathering of the year, giving us the chance to be together while allowing everyone to participate as they wished: "come when you want, stay as long as you want, choose what you want to do."
Our pusharder friend Albino graciously hosted us in his splendid home, which had previously been the location of unforgettable parties. Saturday afternoon was dedicated to a mix of gravel riding and trail running, while Sunday morning featured a road ride of approximately 60 km.

The convivial moments, such as Saturday night's dinner and Sunday's lunch, were essential; the "third time" is our forte!
A big thank you to the volunteers in the kitchen who made this event possible, attended by a total of about forty people.
And a special thanks to our guest of honor, who filled everyone with energy through her life stories: Dorina Vaccaroni!
The two-time Olympic champion, as well as the recent finisher of the Race Across America and PH brand ambassador, joined us on Saturday evening, cycling all the way from Venice (could she have chosen any other means of transportation?).
Her stories captured the attention and enthusiasm of everyone: tales of adventures around the world, personal challenges, successes, and hardships.

We can't wait to see all of you again at the next gathering. Follow us on social media for details about the upcoming PH Days!!


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